Wireline Technology

Select from single components to complete greaseless technology packages to enhance and optimize your pump-down plug and perf operations. All wireline technology has significant successful run-history that supports our position as an industry leader in this area of expertise. To compliment this, Canatex offers a complete range of pressure control equipment for all wireline applications.

Advanced technology for high-performance plug and perf operations and wireline pressure control

Pressure Control Equipment

Canatex offers a pressure control packages in 5k, 10k, 12.5k, and 15k pressure ratings with single, dual, triple, and even quad BOP’s. We maintain accurate trace records on certifications and inspections as well as pre-dispatch charting of pressure tests. High quality hydraulic grease injectors with dual engines and pumps are standard ensuring that any down time is avoided due to these units. Canatex has a team of experts boasting nearly 80 years of experience supporting these technology packages providing customers with the highest level of service quality.

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Flex Joint

Flex Joint assists in the ability to sky the lubricator when running over-the-line weight bars on perforating assemblies allowing for maximum rig-in efficiency while still maintaining the ability to come out of the hole safely in the event of a tool release downhole.

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The FHE RigLock® remotely connects wireline surface equipment to the wellhead eliminating the need for personnel to enter the red zone on manlifts or scaffolding in order to make up the connection. It increases well operation efficiencies and eliminates the risk of potential and costly injuries.

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BRT 2.0

The Balistic Release Tool (BRT) is designed for wireline operations in horizontal wells, specifically plug and perf applications. In today’s diverse Horizontal well designs, the BRT allows for stronger weak-points to prevent pumping-off BHA’s, while also still maintaining the ability to release from the BHA if it becomes stuck downhole.

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