About Canatex

Improving safety and efficiency through technology and service offerings

Our team at Canatex believes that opportunities are earned and business relationships are built on trust.  We strive to be the best at all we do and provide products of the highest value. Our focus on safety extends beyond our own operations to our families and to our customers. Where there is an opportunity for improvement, we will take on the challenge.

Commitment to service

Service quality is one of our highest priorities

Service quality is a significant part of our culture at Canatex. We believe that it should extend throughout our operations. This includes having the highest service quality when dealing with vendors, teammates, business partners, associated services, and of course our clients.

Commitment to Health, safety, and environment

Actively focused on our HSE responsibility

The entire Canatex team is committed to our focus on HSE and its continuous improvement. We have full implementation of a management system that provides single point interactive access to all HSE and service quality documentation, reports, certifications, communications, SOP’s, and training materials. We utilize a journey management system to ensure our people are mobilized and supported safely at all times.

Operating where you need us

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