Fluid Pumping

Canatex Completions Solution fluid service line offers 2,500 horsepower Frac Pumps with CAT or MTU engines, CAT or Allison transmissions, and 4” to 4.5” fluid ends with centrifugal mounted pumps.  Pumps can be operated locally or remotely from a command center or wireline unit.

Canatex provides current pumping technology for a variety of pressure pumping applications.

Fluid Pumping Equipment

Pumping technology packages from Canatex are available as follows:

  • Up to 15K psi working pressure
  • 2” and 3” 1502 flow iron available. All iron I.D. tested and charted annually
  • Suction hoses w/ 206 hammer union connections
  • Data acquisition systems recording pressure, rates, and tests.
  • Flow-line restraint system
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Fluid Pumping Services

Canatex provides equipment and service to address requirements such as:

  • Pump Downs
  • TIV / Toe Preps
  • Packer work
  • Loading the well
  • Drill-outs
  • Casing Test & Charting
  • Acidizing
  • Miscellaneous pump support
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